Welcome to the selected work 
of graphic/motion/3D designer 
Kevin Reid—realizing digital media,
brand & visual identity systems for
business communication.

Design With Purpose
& Craft With Love

The art of giving shape to strategic marketing ideas is an ever-expanding, dynamic field which requires a mastery of art making tools—along with a keen insight for tasteful, fresh ways to reach increasingly attention-deficient audiences.  

With over 15 years experience in the media arts, i've fused a passion for learning and making with the needs of modern brands to market themselves in fluid, meaningful ways. 

A deep knowledge of software has proven to be the fastest, purest way for me to get from A to B. The rapid prototyping mentality is of utmost value in this fast-paced low budget world. Concept, reference, draw, design, photograph, 3D render, make it move, edit it down—whatever it takes to execute a strategic, considered vision.  

Tackling briefs with a fusion between the hard and soft skills many years in the business have taught me—rigor, humor, patience, listening, and curiosity—I've also come to enjoy mentoring, sharing and learning with younger guns.

Always searching for new ways to have a clever, beautiful take, i'm inspired by the constant learning process that is each new project—as well as the potential impact the work can have on people, their businesses, and the world at large.

kreid studio
kreid studio